It's a Preppy Life

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Anonymous asked:

what is some preppy stuff to wear/do?

It's a Preppy Life answered:



1.) Wear boat shoes all the time even when there isn’t a boat around. It screams I’m nautical bro. 

2.) Wear a bow tie to all major events and keep it bright colors. You gotta go to a funeral? Well outshine the competition with your fratty bow tie that has more whales on it then are in the Atlantic. 

3.) All your clothes should have an aquatic creature on them or the word southern. Bonus points if there is an aquatic (m)animal and the word southern, congratulations you just hit a jackpot.

4.) Everywhere you go make sure to stage the coolest looking picture ever. If you show up to your sisters best friends bat mitzvah make sure to get a picture of you shotgunning a beer. Also make sure you mark your territory and let all those 13 year old bitches know that you are there to party. My best advice is to chug the girls mothers wine, shatter the glass while screaming “Mazel Tov bitches” and then have sex with her mother in front of her. 

5.) If you get offered drugs do them. They aren’t cheap and a little meth never killed anyone.

6.) When in doubt deny. If it worked for Bill Clinton it will work for you.

You should write for TFM this was entertaining hahahhah

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